Tie-Line Technology is a software, consulting, and publishing company. We provide state-of-the-art solutions and advise for the industry in relation to thermodynamic and transport properties, phase equilibrium, flow in porous media, and other important features of complex mixtures.

The main activities are related to petroleum reservoir fluids, enhanced oil recovery, CO2 sequestration, gas storage, flow assurance, and reservoir simulation.

Tie-Line Technology

Has released a new version of the phase behavior software MI-PVT. This software product is particularly good for the design and optimization of gas injection into oil reservoirs. For more details please go to Products. A demo version of the MI-PVT version (3.0) is available in our Software section.

Tie-Line Technology has its own fully compositional reservoir simulator, COSI. It is mainly used for specialized consulting projects but can also be licensed.

Tie-Line Technology was selected as technology provider for the CO2 Capture Project (www.co2captureproject.com). Our state-of-the-art technology for simulation of gas injection processes is of immediate use when CO2 sequestration in existing oil reservoirs is considered.

Under the label

Tie-Line Publications we publish carefully selected titles within the technical area where we operate. 

We have currently published two books:

“Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals & Computational Aspects” by Profs. Michael L. Michelsen & Jørgen M. Mollerup and “Theory of Gas Injection Processes” written by Professor Franklin M. Orr, Jr.

You will find more information under Publications. Our books can be purchased on-line in our web shop. 

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Kristian Jessen & Erling H. Stenby

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