MI-PVT 3.0:
including capillary pressure in VLE calculations

Miscible injection processes require a thorough understanding of the phase behavior of the fluids involved, i.e. the reservoir fluid and the injection fluid and how these fluids mix during flow through a porous media. MI-PVT is a PVT simulation tool based on state-of-the-art theory and algorithms making it possible to predict the relevant phase behavior of the fluids in a gas injection process.

Capillary pressure can now be included in phase envelope calcuations as well as in PT-flash calculations and simulation of PVT experiments.
A demo version of MI-PVT 3.0 with all available features and a built-in fluid database is available. Please contact us at info(at) to obtain the demo version (download).

The newest version of MI-PVT, version 3.0 is now available.

The latest version includes:

  • Standard cubic EOS 
  • CPA for associating components (e.g. MeOH, MEG and water)
  • Hydrate calculations with CPA
  • Multiphase PT flash calculations
  • Reservoir fluid characterization
  • Calculation of phase envelopes and saturation points
  • Simulation of swelling tests
  • Fast prediction of Minimum Miscibility Pressures (MMP)
  • Indicator for sensitivity to numerical diffusion in finite difference simulations
  • Minimum Miscibility Enrichment (MME) simulation tool
  • Dispersion-free 1D simulation by the method of characteristics (MOC)
  • A fast numerical 1D simulator for visualization of drive mechanism in miscible/near-miscible displacements
  • PVT experiments (CME, DDE, CVD and sequential separator test)
  • Viscosity calculations (F-theory and LBC)
  • Flexible input of experimental data
  • Regression of experimental data including MMP data
  • A fluid database is included for educational and training purposes
  • Database contains 13 reservoir fluids with related PVT experiments.
  • The database includes upwards 5000 experimental data points
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