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Theory of Gas Injection Processes
Author(s) : Franklin M. Orr, Jr.
ISBN : 87-989961-2-5
First edition 2007, Tie-Line Publications



We are proud to present this significant contribution to the understanding of the development of miscibility in multicontact miscible displacement processes.

Theory of Gas Injection Processes (back cover text):

This book offers the reader a unique opportunity to study and understand the complex interplay between flow and phase behavior that takes place in multicomponent gas/oil displacements that arise in enhanced oil and gas recovery processes.

Starting from a derivation of the conservation equations for multicomponent multiphase flows in porous media and a discussion of convective vs. diffusive/dispersive transport, the reader is introduced to a mathematical framework, based on the method of characteristics, for solving convection-dominated transport problems.

The mathematical theory is extended systematically from a description of simple binary displacement problems to include ternary, quaternary and multicomponent displacements with and without volume change as components transfer between phases during flow in the porous medium.

A thorough analysis of the development of multicontact miscibility is presented. The text demonstrates how the theory of gas injection processes provides for a thermodynamically consistent definition of the minimum miscibility pressure (or minimum miscibility enrichment) for vaporizing, condensing, and condensing/vaporizing gas drives.

The material presented in this book is suitable for a graduate-level course studying the dynamics of multicomponent, multiphase flow in porous materials. It also provides industrial research scientists and engineers improved insight into compositional displacements that will aid the design and implementation of enhanced oil and gas recovery processes from maturing reservoirs. The ideas presented will also find application in the area of geologic storage of CO2 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Franklin M. Orr, Jr. is the Keleen and Carlton Beal Professor of Petroleum Engineering in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University.

Contents (376 pages)

  • One-Dimensional Flow
  • Convection-Dispersion Equation
  • Phase Equilibrium from an Equation of State
  • Two-Component Gas/Oil Displacement
  • Solution by the Method of Characteristics
  • Ternary Gas/Oil Displacements
  • Example Solutions to Vaporizing and Condensing Gas Drives
  • Structure of Ternary Gas/Oil Displacements
  • Multicontact Miscibility
  • Four-Component Displacements
  • Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and Composition Paths
  • Condensing/Vaporizing Gas Drives
  • Development of Miscibility
  • Multicomponent Gas/Oil Displacements
  • Key Tie Lines
  • Solution Construction: Volume Change
  • Displacements in Gas Condensate Systems
  • Calculation of MMP and MME
  • Compositional Simulation
  • Numerical Dispersion
  • Sensitivity to Numerical Dispersion
  • Compositional Streamline Simulation

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